Recruitment pill – Do you fit the company or are you like a nut on the wall?

I have often heard from candidates such remarks: “I do not understand why they rejected me at the interview, I have the necessary experience, I am very suitable for the job!” And many times, it’s true. It may happen that the recruiter does not give the most correct feedback to the candidate, does not explain the real reason why someone else was selected and not him. Because yes, you can have the necessary experience, but not “fit” with the company.

You have also heard of the “culture of the organization”, which is a system of values ​​and concepts, shared by all employees of a company, which determines the behavior and characteristics of the company. This way you can notice how two companies that have the same object of activity do not have the same culture. Because people determine the culture of the organization and not the other way around.

In conclusion, do not take it personally when you are not selected for a job. Ask for feedback, be open, progress in your weaknesses and look for the company that you fit in with and that you can bring value to.


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