Is vacation leave your escape from the corporation?

Three months ago, Diana thought of an exotic vacation that would surpass all of them before. A holiday that is sent as far as possible from deadlines, unattainable targets and the suffocating life of the multinational. For a week she pondered the idea day and night, already very excited at the thought of a sunbed on the hot sand and the waves of the azure hitting the shore. In the end, after viewing dozens of offers on the internet, she took her heart in her teeth and bought the plane ticket that would take her more than 6,000 km away from the never-ending tasks. A week later, she found the best accommodation. Everything was set.

The following months passed hard and fast at the same time, in an interesting mix of stress and daydreaming. Her program did not borrow anything from the holiday atmosphere, as expected, but on the contrary, anxiety increased exponentially with the increasing volume of work. It was as if no one but her wanted to prepare for the holidays and no one was showing signs of wanting to make her life easier. But she decided not to be affected. So, during the lunch break or whenever she caught a free moment, she kept an eye on the pictures of the room in which she would stay, the beach on which she would lie down during the day in the sun and live the night to the fullest.

The time to leave slowly passed, and the torment of waiting ended. A week before the flight, Diana’s luggage was already mostly done – the freshly bought sunscreen was neatly lined up between her clothes, the two swimsuits folded like in the magazines, and the wide-brimmed sun hat would be put directly on the head, on the morning of departure.

It was as if everything had gone crazy at work. Everyone finally knew she was leaving and behaving as if she were saying “Goodbye!” to the corporation, asking her to settle everything and close all her accounts in the last week before the holiday. Fortunately, the thought of vacation helped her overcome stress with detachment.


The night before she left she had barely managed to sleep, her enthusiasm had kept her far too alert to close her eyes. Arriving on the plane, she finally started moaning and gradually relaxed. The flight was long, and the combination of fatigue and enthusiasm kept her excited throughout the first day, as she searched for the hotel, unpacked and explored the surroundings.

Starting the next day, although still tired, she began to regain her rights: she stood at the beach and indulged in the monotonous but pleasant sound of the water, which was interrupted from time to time by the shrill screams of a hungry seagull.

As time went on, it became more and more part of the landscape. She was on the beach every day, she already knew all the restaurants and cocktail bars in the area and she interacted much more easily with the locals. She enters the water daily and merges with the ocean, until she forgets to come out. There all the people seemed to speak the same language as her – they all seemed to share the same secret of endless beauty and tranquility that she had learned in just a few days. She felt that she had become a completely different person, who finally existed in her natural state: stress-free, worry-free and connected to nature. Her mind was completely free and the days passed one by one, in a beautiful dream. She had completely forgotten about the crowds on the subway, the overtime hours and the colleagues she couldn’t stand. She had completely forgotten about Diana working in the corporation.

Aftereight days of perfection and dreaming, she felt the need to brake suddenly and get used to the thought of leaving. So the last days on the island were spent in a mixture of sweet nostalgia and deep sadness, as after a fall from Paradise. The way back was another sign of awakening to reality, and the landing in the country was truly overwhelming. Where was the boundless sky and the water that made her dream? There were only blocks here, a lot of cars and eternally mioritic gestures without which she could have lived easily at any time. She took the taxi home, took a short shower and went to bed, thinking with horror about the next day, when she had to start over at the multinational.

Her intuition was correct – the next day was truly hell. Suddenly she had to sit on the chair for hours, look at her watch to see how long it was until the break and correct all the chaos created in her absence at work. Obviously, none of her colleagues were able to take the tasks off of her while she was gone. Some were also on vacation, and those who were left barely managed to cope and stay mentally whole. Neither the next day was much better nor the third day – in fact, Diana’s whole week was a torment and a continuous despair.

Where was freedom and peace, where was her natural state now?

Diana is just one example out of a million.

If you are in the same situation, if your life now is not what you planned, do not hesitate to contact me. Together we can find solutions, so that you can always enjoy life, just like on an extended vacation.


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