How do you know that your life in the corporation has reached its expiration date?

For many young people and recent college graduates, the thought of a job in a corporation is like a real mirage. The idea of ​​working in an imposing glass building, as well as the illusion of obtaining a very good salary are reasons that definitely seduce thousands of intelligent and capable young people, thickening every year the ranks of the employees of the big multinationals.

But what happens when you have gone through the seduction phase for some time and you are already engaged in a long-term relationship with life in the corporation? Most likely, in the meantime, there have been enough problems and signs of wear and tear to feel that life in the corporation is not exactly what it was at the beginning and that it seems like you still want something else. That is why, below you will find the three signs that indicate the need for a new beginning:

1. You feel that you can no longer grow

You definitely started with a lot of ambition, desire to work and the desire to show what you can. And that worked wonders, at least for a while. Maybe you learned a lot of new skills, received salary increases and more bonuses and maybe you increased in position, always advancing in positions with the ambition of a skier who makes lightning slaloms among obstacles. And maybe you did it in the same company, from the very beginning, or you changed them without remorse, finally noticing that none is what you dreamed of in the beginning.

Regardless of the course, the situation did not remain the same forever and the honeymoon ended. At one point, the ascent stopped without you realizing it and without being asked if you wanted that too. The doors simply closed and you felt the biggest disappointment, after which there was no way back. The position you wanted and for which you worked so much was either given to a colleague or to someone brought from outside the company, on criteria known only to them. You know what you have to do on the outside, at any time of the day or night and there is nothing new to learn. And you know that there is a potential in you that wants to be released.

2. Stress and fatigue began to speak for themselves

Undoubtedly, there are many people who feel much better when kept on low heat and working under maximum pressure. In fact, they are becoming the most desirable targets of large corporations, who want exactly someone who will always do more, in as little time as possible, possibly for the same money.

But over time, stress can become a chore. The symptoms do not avoid you, you certainly notice a greater susceptibility to anxiety and nerves, the quality of sleep becomes much affected and you end up dreaming since Monday at the weekend and in bed for hours on end, in front of TV series. Unfortunately, many people tend to ignore such outrageous signs, which can become chronic along with depression and health problems. Also, work efficiency decreases considerably, affecting your ability to perform, take bonuses and advance on a hierarchical scale. This is the point where many young people decide to reorient to a smaller company or to embark on the difficult but satisfying path of entrepreneurship.

3. You don't even have time to see your friends

Unfortunately, multinationals almost imperceptibly manage to always get more out of you, always postponing your appreciation and reward. Two weekends a month worked in the next six months until the end of the project, three evenings a week spent until 20:00 because, what a misfortune, two of the colleagues are on vacation, extra pay to go directly from work to the New Year’s champagne glass and so on.

In the best case scenario, there are some corporations that realize and do their best to compensate you for the time you have allocated extra. But after a point, you realize that time is really priceless. You realize, in fact, that no one is giving you back the time you could spend with your children growing up every day, with friends who get married and move abroad, or with parents who are getting older and older. the year the year.

Are you thinking of making a change until it’s too late?

Regardless of the symptoms you have begun to experience, whether it is just one or all of the above, it is necessary to make a change. A change through which you can regain your time, you can rearrange your values ​​and priorities according to what matters to you and you can start growing again.

Throughout this journey, they can be with you and we will find together the solutions that suit your needs.


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