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The human resource is the engine of a company. By recruiting the...

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Throughout my career in human resources, I have met many people who...


Coaching is a partnership between Coach and Client in a thoughtful and...


I started working with Cristina exactly when I needed it most: as soon as I quit my job and started to consolidate my personal project of hand painted clothes and shoes. Cristina is very proactive and dynamic - the sessions with her always focus on what we have to do and on the concrete steps we can take to reach the goals set. I really appreciate the presence in our meetings, I feel that I always devote all my attention and resources. Cristina helps me stay focused and grow slightly, but certainly my little business.

Claudia S.

Professionalism, relevance and empathy, this is how I can describe the sessions with Cristina. She helped me a lot in setting stretching, yet achievable goals, always by asking the most relevant questions. After the sessions with her, I felt that my self-awareness reached a new level. Cristina has a true ability to get to the root of the issue and to help me feel empowered to reach my immediate goals and set realistic long-term goals. I highly recommend her in every instance!

AP Young Manager

Cristina is a very empathetic person and at the same time very focused on results. The coaching sessions with her gave me great clarity and focus for achieving my goals.

DB Young Entrepreneur

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Are we using the resources at hand or are we complaining about that which is missing?

Cristina Scutaru is a Senior Recruiter, Executive Coach and Trainer, someone who describes themselves as a specialist in constructing and...

The recruiter is not BAU BAU

Every interview is different, because every candidate is different and the saying "man sanctifies the place" works perfectly. Of course,...

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"Professionalism, relevance and empathy, this is how I can describe the sessions with Cristina."

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